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  1. 4" x 4" Wood Trim Cap (WLD027)

    This trim cap protects the 4x4 wooden leg from cracking and users from splinters.  It is an attractive addition to your dock or deck.

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  2. Large Inside Corner Bracket (FDH034)

    This bracket can be used by itself or in conjunction with the floating dock connector to add extra framing support. 5.25" tall by 3.25" each side. Recommended for wooden Floating Docks.  Can be used on the inside corners of wooden dock or deck sections for extra strength.

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  3. Small Inside Corner Bracket (FDH035)

    This bracket is used for extra support when inside framing is used in dock or deck construction. 3 1/2" tall x 3 1/4" each side.  It weighs about 0.5 pounds.

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  4. Fence or Rail Bracket (FRB093)
    Perfect for building a fence for the yard. Learn More
  5. Deck Stand-Off Bracket (DSO094)
    Attaches to house and accepts stringer to avoid moisture build up between deck and house. Learn More
  6. Double Deck Stand Off (DDSO095)
    This bracket allows and accepts a double stringer to carry the weight of the deck. Learn More

Set Descending Direction

6 Item(s)