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 Sunshine StateThe Sunshine State has an annual average of 230 days of sunshine, which will certainly generate people to spend a lot of their time by the water to cool down. Florida has a subtropical to tropical climate, but thankfully has major lakes which include Lake Okeechobee, Lake George and Fort Walton Beach for people to enjoy. Whether you are enjoying time on the ocean or lake, find your dock parts Florida at RDS Dock Hardware.


Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton BeachFort Walton Beach, Florida is a beach and fishing community located along North Florida’s Gulf Coast. Fort Walton Beach is a popular vacationing spot because of all the activities and nearby attractions. Own a beach home near Fort Walton Beach? Enjoy Purchase your Fort Walton Beach dock parts and other dock parts Florida at RDS Dock Hardware.


Lake Okeechobee

Lake OkeechobeeLake Okeechobee is also known as the “The Lake,” “Florida’s Inland Sea,” or “The Big O.” It’s the biggest freshwater lake in Florida, and it is the seventh biggest freshwater lake in America. Lake Okeechobee docks are very well suitable for any area of the lake. Lake Okeechobee has many activities such as boat tours and fishing charters that you, your family and friends can enjoy. Another popular activity is to plan a trip to the many swimming holes at Lake Okeechobee. There are plenty of swimming holes at this lake which populate the area greatly, such as Barton Springs, the “Secret” Beach, and Deep Eddy. These swimming holes are highly populated, and would increase in population immensely by adding swimming docks for people to enjoy and relax on. You can find all of your dock parts Florida at RDS Dock Hardware.


Lake George

Lake GeorgeLake George is another famous spot where many people like to spend their time in Florida. This lake is the second largest lake in Florida, after Lake Okeechobee. Lake George dock parts are perfect because Lake George is a shallow, slightly salty lake. It is on the St. Johns River, and Lake George is six miles wide and eleven miles long. The average depth is eight feet, which certainly makes it a family friendly lake. Lake George is especially known for a large variety of wildlife. There are migratory water birds, alligators and marine animals. RDS Dock Hardware has custom docks which would be effective for any spot on Lake George to observe the wildlife. The lake is extremely accessible to enjoy the wildlife while relaxing on Lake George dock parts. There are atlantic stingrays, species of mullet, striped bass, and even blue crabs in the lake. Lake George is the only fresh water blue crab fisheries in the world, so increasing the amount of docks would be extremely beneficial.