Frequently Asked Questions

What are the inner and outer diameters of the 1½″ and 2″ hardware? What size pipe do they fit?

1½″ pipe refers to 1.5″ inner diameter, 1-7/8″ outer diameter. The 1.5″ hardware fits standard 1.5″ pipe.

2″ pipe refers to 2″ inner diameter, 2-3/8″ outer diameter. The 2″ hardware fits standard 2″ pipe.

Should I use 1½″ or 2″ hardware?

Most people purchase 1.5″. In our experience, for most applications, 1.5″ is plenty strong.

Do I need a pipe base?

A pipe base is used in situations where there is a soft lake bottom. The pipe base should be set about a foot above the bottom of the pipe. For rocky lake bottoms, we recommend cutting the pipe at a 45° angle so it sits itself into the rocks. A pipe auger can be used when the subsoil is full of vegetation and organic matter.

When is cross-bracing needed?

  1. When the bottom of the dock to the lake bottom is greater than 6 feet. People find the rocking of the dock unsettling so cross-bracing is recommended.
  2. When the lake is really choppy.
  3. When you own a large boat.
  4. When your dock is longer than 40′.

What do you do at the shore?

Rest on the sand, cinderblocks, or 4×4s, or attach to a bulkhead using Deck Stand-Off Bracket (DSO094), or use pipe legs, sides and bases.

How long of a piece of pipe should I buy?

Water depth plus 3′ minimum.

What length bolt do I need?

For our dock frames and standard two-by construction, use a 2.5″ bolt, with 2 flat washers, 1 lock washer, and a nut.

How far in do you drive the pipe?


How are the side brackets used?

At the beginning of the dock, the end of the dock, or to join two dock frames. They are connected to the outside of the dock frame.

What size cleat should I get?

The most common size is 8″. We offer aluminum cleats for light use, such as rowboats and canoes, and zinc alloy cleats for situations where more strength is required.

What’s the difference between the PLD012 and PLD017 clamp-on brackets?

The PLD017 was specifically designed to protect pontoon boats. It is dependent on the location of your boat so that it doesn’t rub against the clamp. You can use either the PLD012 or the PLD017 for regular boats.

Can I buy just the swivel?

Yes. Universal Swivel (DL206)

Do I need to remove my dock in the winter?

Yes. Unless you have a bubbler, the force of the ice sheet may destroy your dock components.