What Materials are Best for a Dock?

With any dock system, there is always a trade-off when it comes to cost and durability. By their very nature, docks are exposed to the elements, and they take a constant beating by the water, wind, sun, and salt, depending on the property. Choosing the right materials for your dock will impact the amount of […]

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Dock?

The cost to build a dock will depend largely on the size of your dock and the type of materials you choose to use. Your dock type and the location of your dock will also influence your overall costs. As you plan for a custom dock installation, here are a few factors to consider when […]

Dock Frame Configurations to Consider

When you build a custom dock, you must give equal consideration to both the frame and decking. Without a solid frame, you won’t have a solid dock. Because the frame will be partially submerged in water, you also need to ensure it is made of durable material that can handle nature’s extremes. What to Know […]

Dock Flotation Calculations

It’s imperative that your floating dock is able to support a sufficient weight and can effectively keep afloat whatever design you have. A small, traditional dock pier may only need a few floats mounted to the ends and middle. More likely, however, you may need many more depending on the size and design of your […]

Choosing a Dock Pipe Length

Installing a dock requires a fair amount of precision, yet knowing that water levels can fluctuate means you must also account for variation. Here are some tips for choosing the correct pipe length for your custom dock. General Rule: Water Depth Plus 3′ Minimum As you begin assembling your dock, you’ll want the pipe length […]