What Should You Do With Your Dock at Shore?

Whether floating or stationary, docks bridge the distance between your shoreline and waterfront experience. To ensure safety and stability – and to prevent an errant dock from floating away! – the dock system you choose will need to be anchored to the seafloor, but what about at the shoreline? What should you do with your […]

How Do You Attach a Ramp to a Floating Dock?

Connecting a ramp or gangway to your floating dock is a relatively simple DIY project as long as you have the correct dock hardware and tools. As always, take appropriate safety measures and enlist help when needed. When You Might Need a Dock Ramp The makeup of your shoreline generally determines whether or not you […]

What to Look for When Choosing Dock Cleats

As you create your custom dock design, an important accessory to consider is dock cleats. If you plan to anchor watercraft of any kind to your dock, you’ll need a place to tie them. Cleats serve as a convenient anchoring point for your boat, kayak or other watercraft, but as with any decision, there are […]

Considerations When Installing a Dock Bench

Depending on the size of your dock, you may have room for additional dock accessories to enhance your use and enjoyment of the shoreline. Once such accessory is a dock bench. Benches offer the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy your waterfront views. They can also be a good place to watch your […]

How to Install a Dock Ladder

Dock ladders are an essential dock accessory if you or your family and friends plan to spend any time in the water as they make getting in and out of the water safer and more convenient. When choosing a dock ladder, there are a few styles to consider. Stationary and flip ladders are the most common […]