Simple Dock Upgrades for Improved Enjoyment and Functionality

Docks take a beating. There’s no just getting around it, and without routine maintenance and some general “freshening up” from time to time, your dock may become dilapidated and potentially unsafe. Breathe new life into your dock, increase its longevity, and keep it looking sharp by trying some of these easy dock upgrades, many of […]

Your Summer Dock Maintenance Checklist

When we talk about dock maintenance, it often falls within the same breath as “end of season” or “pre-season,” but maintenance – even in the middle of peak summer usage – is also something that should stay top of mind to ensure the longevity of your dock and safety for all. Year-round Dock Maintenance While […]

Dock Safety Best Practices

Dock safety should be one of the most important criteria you factor into your custom dock design. Anytime you’re near the water, you simply have to prioritize it. A simple slip and fall while walking to your boat can lead to a significant injury if you’re not careful. Tips to Improve Dock Safety Creating a […]

Building a Custom Dock That’s Accessible for All

Residential docks are not always the most stable – or accessible. Even with the best cross-bracing techniques and sturdiest dock piling, docks are susceptible to wobbles, bobbles and movement of other kinds. The simple fact that they’re built over water makes them so, and this can be particularly challenging for people with disabilities. To build […]

How Many Side Brackets Do You Need for Your Dock?

Side brackets are used on custom dock designs to build out the frame of your dock. Side brackets are height-adjustable meaning you can position the posts to their ideal height before securely clamping your pipe or wood legs in place with the bracket hardware. The size and shape of your dock, as well as the […]