Dock Flotation Calculations

It’s imperative that your floating dock is able to support a sufficient weight and can effectively keep afloat whatever design you have. A small, traditional dock pier may only need a few floats mounted to the ends and middle. More likely, however, you may need many more depending on the size and design of your […]

How to Anchor Your Floating Dock to the Shore

Floating docks are a popular choice for a variety of shoreline situations, and they offer great functionality…until they float away. Avoid having to fetch a floating dock by effectively anchoring it in place. Here’s how. Create an Anchor Base Safely securing your dock to the sea or lake bed requires an anchor system that is […]

How to Winterize Your Floating Dock

Seasonal changes can have a major impact on our docks and shorelines. Before hunkering down for winter, it’s important to take care of a few maintenance items to protect your dock and waterfront property from the environmental damage winter can cause. Not only does winterizing your floating dock help preserve its structural integrity for longer, […]