How Many Side Brackets Do You Need for Your Dock?

Side brackets are used on custom dock designs to build out the frame of your dock. Side brackets are height-adjustable meaning you can position the posts to their ideal height before securely clamping your pipe or wood legs in place with the bracket hardware. The size and shape of your dock, as well as the […]

What Should You Do With Your Dock at Shore?

Whether floating or stationary, docks bridge the distance between your shoreline and waterfront experience. To ensure safety and stability – and to prevent an errant dock from floating away! – the dock system you choose will need to be anchored to the seafloor, but what about at the shoreline? What should you do with your […]

How Long Should Dock Pipe Legs Be?

Planning and designing a custom dock requires some forethought and precision. Once you have a good understanding of your shoreline conditions and how you intend to use the dock, it’s time to take measurements. When building a stationary dock with pipe legs, here is some guidance for determining the correct pipe length for your custom […]

How Do You Attach a Ramp to a Floating Dock?

Connecting a ramp or gangway to your floating dock is a relatively simple DIY project as long as you have the correct dock hardware and tools. As always, take appropriate safety measures and enlist help when needed. When You Might Need a Dock Ramp The makeup of your shoreline generally determines whether or not you […]

What to Look for When Choosing Dock Cleats

As you create your custom dock design, an important accessory to consider is dock cleats. If you plan to anchor watercraft of any kind to your dock, you’ll need a place to tie them. Cleats serve as a convenient anchoring point for your boat, kayak or other watercraft, but as with any decision, there are […]