Waterfront properties offer unmatched views, recreational opportunities and a chance to connect with nature. If you’re fortunate enough to own shoreline property, building a dock can further enhance your experience and enjoyment of the surrounding environment. Even better, there are ways to do so in a way that protects your waterfront’s ecosystem while ensuring a long-lasting and sustainable dock design.

In this blog, we discuss steps you can take to build a sustainable dock while doing your part to protect your environmental surroundings.

Plan with Purpose

Building a sustainable dock begins with careful planning. Consider these and other factors unique to your property as you begin designing your custom dock.

Select Eco-Friendly Materials

Building a sustainable dock means choosing materials that are durable, environmentally friendly and have a minimal ecological footprint. Examples may include opting for responsibly sourced wood or alternative materials like composite decking, as well as avoiding chemically treated wood that could leach harmful substances into the water.

Consider the Dock’s Ongoing Maintenance Needs

An important part of sustainability best practices is taking care of what you have.

That means ensuring your dock can go the distance. By choosing high-quality dock hardware materials and keeping up with required maintenance needs, you can install a custom dock that will last years and years to come.

As you consider what steps you can take to build a more sustainable dock for your shoreline property, please don’t hesitate to ask us your questions. At RDS Dock Hardware, we’ve been creating long-lasting dock systems in the US since 1986. Contact us today or fill out our free custom dock quote form to learn more about how we can help.