Floating docks are a popular choice for a variety of shoreline situations, and they offer great functionality…until they float away. Avoid having to fetch a floating dock by effectively anchoring it in place. Here’s how.

Create an Anchor Base

Safely securing your dock to the sea or lake bed requires an anchor system that is at least twice the weight of the dock. Strong winds, changing currents, and natural water patterns can affect your dock’s integrity if it’s not secure. Moreover, highly unstable docks can be a safety concern and potentially damage your watercraft.

Most docks rely on an anchoring system that consists of a concrete block base on the seafloor. To secure the dock to your anchor, use galvanized chains and mount them in a criss-cross pattern. Allow slack in your chains so the floating dock can rise and fall with changing water levels.

Attach the Dock to Shore

Additionally, you may be wondering what to do with your dock at the shore. The system you use will depend on the type of shoreline you are working with. You may choose to rest your dock on the sand, on cinder blocks, or on 4×4 wood beams. Alternatively, you could attach the dock to a bulkhead using a product like our Deck Stand-Off Bracket (DSO094). The bracket also helps prevent moisture buildup between the two structures. Another option is to use pipe legs, sides and bases to secure your dock to shore.

As you choose your anchoring method, be sure to have the appropriate tools and products to securely stabilize your floating dock. You want to use durable materials that can withstand the conditions of your shoreline. The dock and anchoring method you choose will likely depend on your specific needs and the type of shoreline and lakebed you have. Our team at RDS Dock Hardware can help you design an effective dock system for your property. Get in touch with us today to learn more.