Building a sustainable dock design requires you to consider a few elements. One is the dock materials themselves. Another is how the dock’s construction and everyday use will be mindful of your waterfront environment.

As you prioritize sustainability in your custom dock design, here are some areas to keep in mind.

Materials Selection

Building a sustainable dock means choosing materials that are durable, environmentally friendly and have a minimal ecological footprint. You might opt for responsibly sourced wood or consider alternative materials like composite decking that is durable and recyclable. Be sure to avoid chemically treated wood that could leach harmful substances into the water.

Maintenance Requirements

Installing long-lasting dock systems means you’re keeping materials out of the landfill, and you can do your part to make the dock last even longer by staying on top of routine dock maintenance

Environmental and Regulation Considerations

Building a sustainable dock means you must also be mindful of your ecosystem. Learn about your waterfront environment, including the presence of wetlands, wildlife habitats or protected species so you can accommodate them during your dock design and installation. And be sure to check if any permits are required for dock construction.

When in doubt, consult with local environmental experts and custom dock design companies who are experienced with sustainability best practices and can help you make informed decisions while planning your dock project. Contact us today or fill out our free custom dock quote form to learn more about how we can help.