If your dock suffers from wobbly dock syndrome, it should be fixed right away. A wobbly dock can be a safety hazard and compromise the structural integrity of the entire structure. Fortunately, it’s not hard to fix. Here’s where to start.

How to Fix a Wobbly Dock

Wobbly docks tend to rear their heads in a few common scenarios:

To diagnose and fix a wobbly dock, you should start by evaluating the flex in the dock legs and assess the dock’s cross-bracing. Check all nuts, bolts and other dock fasteners.  Over time, these can become loose. Use appropriate tools to tighten all the fasteners securely, and consider replacing any corroded or damaged fasteners with rust-resistant alternatives.

Next, use cross bracing to mitigate dock wobble.

As you get into deeper water (5-6 feet and beyond), the dock’s legs begin to flex more as the legs themselves are much longer. Greater flex in the legs creates the wobbly sensation you feel as you walk on the dock. To mitigate the wobble, it’s helpful to use cross-bracing.

To apply a cross brace, attach the cross-brace bar at roughly a 45-degree angle between the two adjacent dock legs. This additional bracing significantly reduces the amount of wobble and instability you feel in the dock legs and thereby creates a much safer, more stable experience.

Secure dock systems that are made of durable frames and superior dock components will offer you comfort and stability regardless of your dock configuration and location.

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